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Chair Covers

The Gilded Chair provides chair cover rentals in Columbus, Findlay and surrounding areas of Ohio for events that need a special touch. With a wide range of exquisite fabrics and many different style, color and design choices, we make it easy to match your wedding theme and make every wedding venue beautiful and contemporary. Our chair cover and other rental supplies can meet your every need, from covers, table runners and sashes to table linens and even napkins. When you work with us, you can ensure that everything in your wedding matches, and the only fabric you will need to bring is your wedding dress!

Chair covers immediately transform folding chairs, metal chairs and other chairs and tables commonly used in conference centers and event venues. You can choose a single color to match your wedding or choose multiple colors to create a coordinated color scheme. Select a main color and fabric for your chair covers and choose a complementary color for sashes, table runners and other items to add vibrancy and texture to your venue. With a variety of satin and other fabrics to choose from, we will help you make your wedding venue elegant and pristine. In addition to covers, bows and table runners for weddings, we also craft custom chair covers for family reunions, corporate events, conferences and any other event that requires a polished and refined look. We can make as many or few chair covers as you need, too, so no event is too big or too small.

Browse our selection and contact us by calling 419-306-1788 to learn more or to request a quote for custom chair cover rentals for your upcoming wedding or other special event in Columbus, Findlay or elsewhere in Ohio.

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